An Original Art Form
Symphonic photochoreography is
an innovative art form. It engages audiences worldwide with evocative, multi-image photographic essays that
are choreographed and performed live during classical concerts. Rather than providing a click track, visual artist Nicholas Bardonnay closely follows
the conductor's performance, live-
cuing hundreds of image transitions
from memory.

Symphonic photochoreography is programmed by orchestras of all sizes for masterworks, pops, educational, festival and chamber music concerts.emore >

Ghosts of the Mist

Founder Retires, Passes Artistic Leadership to Protégé
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Two New Pieces Commemorate
100th Anniversary of WWI and 75th
Anniversary of WWII
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Iceland: An Unforgettable Concert Experience For 2015-16
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Debussy, Lyadov and Satie now available for Pacifica
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Royal Scottish National Orchestra and Toronto Symphony Commission New Photochoreography Piece for Complete Má vlast
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captionThe Phoenix Symphony performs Grand Canyon Country, which they commissioned alongside the Tucson Symphony

Westwater Arts currently offers 15 photo-
choreography pieces set to the music of Beethoven, Bach, Dvorák, Barber, Debussy, Vaughan Williams, Smetana, Shostakovich, Fauré, Pärt, Copland, Elgar, Diamond, Hovhaness, Glass, Lyadov, Satie, Pachelbel, Grofé, Górecki, Mahler and Sibelius. We are also continually producing new pieces. emore >

spWashington Post
"the images magnified
the music"
at the sold out concert with the National Symphony
spLA Times "the photography was spectacular"
Cleveland Plain Dealer "splendid... breathtakingly beautiful"

spThe Charlotte Observer "The merging
of sound and image was exquisite."

spSchool Teacher, Portland, ME– "Wow! The power of music and photography! We left the concert hall as changed people, enriched! ...
It was a life changing experience."
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Photochoreography in action!
From a $106,000 grant, sold-out concerts and three SYMPHONY magazine articles to coverage by 52 newspapers nationwide and dozens of community partnerships, symphonic photo-
choreography benefits orchestras.
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Connecting Orchestras & Audiences

We work with
orchestras to share the beauty of classical music with today's more visually oriented audiences.

Photochoreography is:
Connecting orchestras with
incerttheir communities

today's audiences
incertwith visual impact
Attracting sponsors,

incertcommunity partners & press
Set to classical music
Easy to produce

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spaHow Photochoreography Works
As your musicians perform, we precisely cue elegant visual transitions that fill an immense 440-square-foot, three-panel, panoramic screen with single, double and triple image combinations that often form stunning panoramas.

The performance fee normally includes all digital projection equipment and screens as well
as Westwater Arts supervision of the setup and takedown. Symphonic photochoreography
is performed in all kinds of venues including concert halls, auditoriums and outdoors
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Photochoreography engagements include the principal orchestras of Cleveland, Toronto, Scotland, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Dallas, Vancouver, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Detroit, St. Paul, Cincinnati, Houston, Indianapolis, Portland, Denver, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, Columbus, Rochester, Liverpool and Singapore, plus over
150 more >

sFor repertoire, booking and
more information:

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Hands-On Community Engagement
Westwater Arts offers two readily fundable programs—Kids, Cameras & Classics™ and Community, Cameras & Classics™—that directly connect orchestras with their communities. Through these programs your orchestra can attract additional sponsors and community partners, expand your educational outreach efforts, and gain
new friends in your community.

Over 50 orchestras have already used symphonic photochoreography to put their communities at center stage.

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Nicholas Bardonnay is a photographer and multimedia artist, and the Creative Director at Westwater Arts. Since 2009, he has worked on more than 70 concerts with orchestras in the US and abroad, and has photographed, produced and performed 13 photochoreography pieces, including 5 commissions. His photo-graphy has been exhibited in galleries in London, Los Angeles, Portland, Hong Kong and other cities. Currently he is producing a new piece set in Mexico. emore >